Rabbits might be cute if you have it as a pet, but having one in your garden can be a real nuisance. These small mammals can wreak havoc on your lawn, garden, and potted plants.
Rabbits are ravenous little herbivores, and will not hesitate to munch on every type of plant in your yard. They prefer woody plants (like reeds), but will eat any type of plant available. Rabbits can eat and damage any kind of vegetation. Trees, bushes, grasses, fruits, flowers, and vegetables are not safe when it’s feeding time.
Rabbits usually stay close to their food source, so they may set up a burrow nearby. They either choose to live underground or under debris. Wood piles or bushes are commonly used for rabbit homes. Females can produce 2-6 litters of up to six offspring a year, so the rabbit family in your backyard can quickly multiply. Between digging everywhere and eating everything, rabbits can ruin the entire area around the home. Although rare, rabbits can also carry the disease tularemia, which can be spread by contact with the rabbit, or by ticks and biting flies.

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