The animal most adapted to urban life (other than humans) are raccoons. Raccoons can live and find food just about anywhere, and with all the buildings for shelter, and piles of garbage, raccoons live in almost every North American city. Originally found in the the tropics of the Americas, urbanization allowed raccoons to move north. The omnivorous creature can eat just about anything (like human food) and can very quickly adapt. Today, raccoons can be found as North as Alaska.
Raccoons that live in urban and suburban regions have thousands of food sources, and even more places to find shelter. Raccoons have extremely good climbing skills, and can easily get into a tree, climb a fence, or even gain access to an attic. The dexterous mammal has hand-like front paws, and can sit on it’s hind legs for short periods of time. With these “hands,” a raccoon can defty slip into your home or shed for food and shelter. Doggy doors can also be a quick way into your home. While copious amounts of raccoons continue to live and thrive in the wild, city raccoons are becoming very smart and unchecked in the cities and towns across America. With no coyotes or foxes to hunt them in the streets, their only predator is the occasional car that may hit them. With the constant population growth and more access to food, humans give raccoons the same benefit. The only thing that we usually don’t give raccoons access to is water. However, raccoons can drink water from almost anywhere, from a river or puddle, to a fountain or koi pond. They also eat many fish and frogs, so your koi may not be safe either. Food and water left outside for pets can give raccoons a food source hay keeps replenishing, other than garbage.
Don’t let raccoons take over your home.

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