As Spring draws ever closer, it is important to consider how to prepare your home against wild animal invaders. As many mammals come out of hibernation, and birds return from their migration, animal-proofing your home can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Inspect for Exterior Damage

Many animals breach the home via small cracks or holes in the house. These are most often found on the roof, along the eaves, or down near the foundation. If there is any exterior damage to your house, you may have more problems than just an animal invasion. Unchecked, exterior damage can cause drafts, leaks, and more. Identifying and repairing any exterior damage can help reduce the risk of further issues down the line.

Declutter the Attic and Basement

Pest animals love to hide out in attics or basements. This is especially true for cluttered and messy areas. Clutter provides plenty of hiding places, as well as materials for nesting. Clean up and declutter these areas to reduce the risk of a pest infestation.

Clean up the Backyard

Clear out debris and overgrown plants early, to help reduce overgrowth and clutter. Animals can make use of yard debris and overgrown plants to make shelters. Cleaning out the backyard early helps prevent animals from moving in, come Springtime.

Invest in Your Trash Cans

It may seem odd, but you should invest in stronger, sturdier, and locking trash cans. Strong trash cans can prevent pest animals like raccoons and skunks from using your garbage cans as a food source. This can help prevent them from coming to your property for a meal. Furthermore, it will reduce the amount of post-feeding cleanup you will have to do. Animals like to live close to food sources and may seek out shelter nearby. By investing in stronger garbage cans, you can prevent damage costs in the future.

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