After a wild animal is removed by a wildlife removal specialist, homeowners may wonder if repairs should be made. After all, how much damage could one critter do? Unfortunately, Animals can cause major damage to your home, including the insulation, electrical systems, and more. Additionally, repairs can prevent further infestations down the road. This article will explore key points of repair and restoration, and why they are essential.

Entry Holes

Animals can find small cracks or holes in your home and use them to gain entry. Often, they will work to make these holes bigger. Firstly, these holes can be used by other critters in the future to gain access to your attic once again. Next, these holes can be a source of a draft, which can mean that you spend more money on heating and air conditioning.

Grease Marks

Most mammals have natural oils that cover their fur. These oils can stain parts of your home as they rub against surfaces. The grease stains caused by these animals contain chemicals that may attract other critters, as they might smell the animal’s presence.

Chewing & Gnawing

Animals, and especially rodents, may chew and bite through walls, floors, insulation, wires, and more. This damage can affect the structural integrity of your house, create drafts, or even create fire hazards. It is important to repair any damage caused by animals as they munched their way across your attic.

Waste Removal

Animals living in your home will leave waste behind. Often, this waste can seep throughout the home. This can cause severe health issues for you and your loved ones. Propper clean-up of waste materials is essential to restoring your home and keeping your family healthy. This is why hiring a company that specializes in wildlife removal and repair is vital. Most carpenters are not trained to properly sanitize an area in a way that removes diseases and parasites left behind by unwanted critters.

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