As the Winter comes to a close, it is important to prepare your backyard for the new season. Weeds can grow fast, and tall grasses can provide cover to wild animals. Keeping your backyard well-kept can help reduce the risk of animal invasion down the road. This article will explore backyard preparations for the Spring season.

Culling Backyard Weeds

Weeds and tall grasses can lead to a messy lawn, but they can also provide cover for critters. Rodents, snakes, and other small animals can hide in tall grasses and move around unseen. By reducing grass cover, you can limit the hiding places of smaller animals.

Trim Bushes in the Backyard

Low-hanging bushes can provide cover to animals. Overgrown bushes can even provide comfortable denning space. By keeping your bushes well-landscaped, you can help prevent animals from moving onto your property.

Trimming Tree Branches

Tree branches that reach towards or over your roof should be trimmed back. These branches can provide animals access to your roof. While squirrels can easily climb up your house, other invasive animals may need the branches to reach the top of your house. Trim back branches that can offer potential roof access.

Pets and Your Backyard

Never leave a pet unattended in your backyard. You should always have your pet on a leash in the backyard, in the event that you need to pull it away from a wild animal. Do not keep pet food outside when you aren’t around.

Close Your Shed

Sheds and storage units in the backyard should be kept closed and secure when not in use. Open doors give pest animals access to shelter. Be sure to check for damage to the structure that may have been caused by winter storms. Many rodents can gain access to shelter through a very small crack, so repairing the damage can reduce the risk of invasion.

Hire a Wildlife Removal Specialist

If you find wild animals living on your property, be sure to contact a professional, humane wildlife removal company. You should only trust licensed professionals to handle the safe removal, clean-up, and repair necessary after an animal infestation.

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