Winter is coming to an end in the upcoming months and it is time to prepare for all of those pesky rodents to come out from hibernation. Once out of hibernation animals such as squirrels, mice and groundhogs will begin looking for food and a mate.
Animals such as these will search for food anywhere they can find it, including garbage pails, basements, sheds, and garages, or even through the walls of your home. And once they find a source of food they will choose to live close by or even in your home. The yearly cycle of a squirrel is such; find food and shelter, find a mate, raise the babies and stock up on food, and lastly hibernate. These rodents cycle through the same process yearly and if the correct measures aren’t taken your home may be victim to becoming a breeding ground for all sorts of rodents.
Be sure to properly dispose of your trash in liners and covered pails to prevent animals from seeking it out and calling your house their home. Also, ensure that your basement and garage windows are kept closed and be sure that all openings are secure and sealed.

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