Seagulls and other coastal birds can be a huge problem for both commercial and residential properties near the shore or landfills. Effective seagull control is necessary to keep your home or business protected. Gulls can bring disease, noise pollution, trash, and property damage.

Shore Gulls

Seagulls and other seabirds like to make nests on roofs or on high perches, such as commercial signage. High, flat places are best for them, as they are reminiscent of the cliff edges that they naturally roost on.

Landfill Birds

Seagulls are often attracted to areas of landfills, where food is in heavy abundance, and there are plenty of trash hills to perch on. Homes and businesses near landfills can suffer from roving flocks of seagulls that can emerge from the landfills. These flocks will often make nests in the surrounding areas, specifically on flat-roofed buildings

Humane-Seagull Removal

Just like with pigeons, seagulls can be a nuisance to property owners. They can be taken care of, relocated, and deterred in a similar fashion to pigeons. Seagull feces can be corrosive and can harbor disease, so proper clean-up and removal of waste is vital.

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