In residential areas, nocturnal pests such as raccoons and opossums are extremely common due to the amount of shelter and food a common back or side yard can offer. However, it is fairly easy to prevent these nighttime bandits from becoming permanent residents on your property.
A few tips to help prevent this issue from ever occurring is to ensure the upkeep of backyard clutter and trash bins. These animals are always looking for a midnight snack, and an open garbage can gives them the opportunity to find just that. Once they know that your home is a place they can find food, it is a sure thing that these pests will return again. Second, be sure to keep your backyard clutter to a minimum. This can be prevented with storage sheds, small or large, or sealed bins pushed into a corner of the yard. A nocturnal animal will always look to find a nice secure dark spot to rest through the day before going back out at night, and a messy backyard is a perfect place to do just that. Last a great addition to any backyard is the use of sensor-triggered security lights. These animals have an extreme distaste for the light, so if they are suddenly exposed and lit up in the dead of night they will most certainly become spooked and choose another location to terrorize.

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