Moles are pesky diggers. They love to tunnel through lawns and wreak havoc on your garden. Moles will dig small tunnels that can snake across your property and beyond

Identifying Moles

Mole coming out of dirtMoles have short grey fur and grow to be about 18 cm in length. Their tails are short and hairless. Moles dig holes that are not too deep underground, less than a foot below. Mounds and ridges on the surface of the ground can help reveal where the tunnels are. These mounds will have a volcano-like structure to them.

Fast Diggers

Moles dig very fast for their size, and can tunnel through about 6 meters of dirt per hour. The average mole tunnel complex can support up to about 12 moles living inside. This means that it can be difficult to ensure that a mole problem is dealt with completely, unless done by a professional. Mole tunnels generally sit deeper in the ground than voles, usually about 10-12 inches below the surface.

Mole Diet

Moles will eat worms, bugs, and seeds within the ground, but will generally not eat plant roots or bulbs. They will eat bugs that can be helpful to gardens, such as earthworms. While they usually won’t bother garden plants, it can be hard to effectively seed while they are around, as they may eat newly planted seeds.

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