It can be hard to deal with the summer heat without your AC. Unfortunately, AC ducts can be a good place for wild animals to hide out in. This article will explore the ways that wildlife can break into your ducts, and the type of damage they can cause. 

Dens in the Ducts

Rats, mice, raccoons, and more can find their way into your duct work, one way or the other. What’s worse, they may even set up camp. When an animal dens in your duct work, your AC can blow all sorts of smells and disease-ridden particles through your home. Scat, urine, fur, smells, and more can blow through your ducts and out into the rest of the home. Your air filters can only stop so much.
While nesting in your HVAC ducts can be a problem, a dead animal can be worse. It is not uncommon for animals to seek shelter in which to pass away. A dead animal in your ducts can create many of the above problems, while also bringing with it the stench of death and decay.

Chewing through Duct Work

Some animals, like mice and rats, can gnaw their way through ducts, or their sealants.This can create gaps for air to flow out. Ultimately, this will lead to drafts, inefficient air flow, and wasted energy.

Outdoor Units

Most central air systems have an outdoor unit on the ground or roof. Snakes, birds, and rodents can use this as a potential den. This can create issues such as damaged fan blades, debris in your unit, and more. Wild animals could damage evaporators or refrigerant systems within the unit, which could have severe consequences for the life of your central air system.

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