Mole And Molehill On GardenMoles are subterranean mammal that digs a network of tunnels underground.  They feed on insects, roots, and bulbs in order to survive. Moles can dig a large network of tunnels, consisting of both surface tunnels and deep tunnels in a relatively short amount of time, ruining any garden or yard within a short period.

Moles are a danger to any garden as they will feast on the underground roots and bulbs of the plants in the area. It is impossible to tell how far the network of tunnels extends underground, making it hard to tell how many moles are living in the burrow. Moles will abandon their holes frequently making it hard to tell if a burrow is active or not. A mole that remains in the area will continue to make molehills however even as they create new burrows as they abandon an old one.


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