Old atticRemoving a pest from your home is only one step to keeping your home pest free. If you fail to follow up on the damages the original invaders caused, new pests can move in.

The damaged parts of the home provides other problems for homeowners. Especially now that summer is here. With the insulation damaged, you will waste energy powering your air conditioner as cool air escapes from your home. Rain can get into openings and cause water damage in your home, causing further structural issues.

NYNJ Wildlife Removal understands the importance of repair, so we go the extra mile. We check and repair the damages caused by wildlife in your home. We make sure the structural integrity of your home is restored so it looks like new. Our services include checking for other possible pest entry points and other weak points.  We also can animal-proof your home so that they can not enter through openings like vents or chimneys.

We specialize in the humane removal of raccoons, rats, squirrels, and other pests in the New York/New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 718-227-7227 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.