Everyone’s goal over the duration of the winter months is to stay warm…including wildlife. Bats are one of these animals that seek a warm place to stay. Don’t let your home be the hangout spot for neighborhood bats! Continue reading for our top tricks to keep bats out.

Know the signs– If you hear screeching, or scratching sounds coming from your walls or attic, this is a dead give away. Another sign that your home may be infested is bat droppings. This sign is particularly dangerous, as the droppings contain a toxic odor similar to ammonia.

Take preventative measures– Before the cold weather begins, call NYNJ Wildlife Removal to ensure that there is no way that these critters can enter your home. Us professionals know how to bat proof your home safely, so you can ensure that you and your family will have a bat free winter.

Bright lights– If you have located where a bat may be able to sneak into your home, keep them out by setting up lights that point in those directions. As bats are looking for a place to hibernate, they won’t even consider coming anywhere near light.

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