Although you may think your pet rat is harmless, it could be carrying a scary new virus. Your pet could be making you very sick, without you even realizing it. Humans can be infected through exposure to infectious body fluids (blood, saliva, urine), exposure to aerosolized rat feces, or bites from infected rats.

Seoul Virus is a rat-borne virus, similar to the flu. The same symptoms, (fever, headache, muscle pain) can affect not only rats but humans as well. This is the first-ever break out in the United States or Canada, which resulted in the virus spreading swiftly across 11 states. CDC investigators are still trying to figure out where the virus is rooted from, and if any other people are being affected. The investigators tracked the outbreak to 31 different US locations, mostly homes with pet rats, or rat breeders.

To prevent this virus infection and any other diseases rats may carry, wash hands with hot soapy water after coming in contact with rodents. Be sure to clean rodents’ habitats often, ensuring that all dropping and urine are not present for extended periods of time. Everyone’s goal over the duration of the winter months is to stay warm…including wildlife. Bats are one of these animals that seek a warm place to stay. Don’t let your home be the hangout spot for neighborhood bats! Continue reading for our top tricks to keep bats out.

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