In the Summer, no one wants to turn off the A/C and use the fireplace. This means that your chimney is open for critters to potentially move in. It is common for animals such as birds, squirrels, raccoons, and more to set up shop in an unused and unprotected chimney. This article will discuss how to prevent animals from taking up residence in your chimney.

Keep the Damper Closed

The damper prevents energy loss during times when your chimney is inactive. But it can also let animals into your home. Keep the damper closed when the chimney is not in use.

Invest in a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps can help prevent pest animals from entering your chimney. They also reduce the risk of snow or rain entering your home through the chimney. However, these can sustain damage over time, so be sure to check it on occasion, and replace it as needed.

Clean and Inspect the Chimney

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected for damages a least once a year, and cleanings should be administered as needed. Regular cleanings and inspections can help you more quickly identify if there is an animal problem, as they cause the chimney to be accessed more often, even in the off-season.

Listen For Animal Sounds

If there are animals living in your chimney, you might hear them. If you hear chirps, squeaks, or scratching coming from the chimney, you may have a pest problem. If you suspect that you have an animal living in your chimney, contact a local wildlife removal service to humanely trap and remove the animal from your property.

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