We are writing this article because it is important to inform our community of this. Please note that you should not attempt to trap a wild animal yourself. Professional wildlife removal companies are trained to handle these animals safely and humanely. For both your safety and that of the animal(s), call a professional removal company first. However, if you did trap a wild animal, and are now looking for information, this article can help you understand what to do next.

“Animal Control” Isn’t Here for Wild Animals

Despite what many people think, Animal Control does not handle wild animals. Animal Control handles dogs and other domestic animals that are threatening the public. Wild animal removal is the responsibility of the homeowner. This responsibility can be handled either through a wildlife removal company or by handling it themselves.

You Can’t Release Animals Away From Your Home

There are federal laws, as well as state and local ordinances, that prevent people from catching and releasing wild animals. The primary reason behind this is that the general public cannot tell if the animal in question is diseased. Releasing diseased animals into the wild can spread that disease to other animal populations in other areas. You have 3 options as a homeowner at that point. The first two would be to release the animal on-site where you caught it, or euthanize it yourself and dispose of the body. The last would be to call a wildlife removal specialist, who can transfer the animal into one of their traps and remove it from your property.

Capturing a Wild Animal is Dangerous

You should by no means attempt to capture a wild animal yourself. When you try, you are risking the animal’s life as well as your own. Wild animals can be carrying a wide assortment of harmful parasites and diseases. Animals such as predators and poisonous snakes can pose a more serious threat to your life. If there is a wild animal living on your property, stay away from it and contact a local wildlife removal specialist to take care of it. Professional removal companies are trained to handle, remove, and relocate animals properly. They can provide professional cleaning services to remove harmful animal waste from the property and can help prevent future animal invasions. Lastly, they can repair damages caused by the animal.

New York/New Jersey Wildlife Removal, Inc. does not provide legal advice via articles. This article is intended for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for legal advice.

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