Groundhog day is coming up soon; but one thing you don’t want is for one to pop up in your lawn or garden. Groundhogs can be a problematic pest, as they dig holes in your lawn and burrow under patios. Holes made by groundhogs can cause injuries or damage to the foundation of your home or patio.
These large rodents tear up lawns by digging holes and tunnels that allow them to travel undetected and safely across open spaces. They create their burrows underground, often using man-made structures for support and further protection. It is common for them to dig under decks, patios, or sheds. They may even set up their shelters against the foundation of your home. The creation of these tunnels can cause foundations to sink or loosen if there is enough displacement. To establish their tunnels and den, a groundhog may move up to 700 pounds of dirt and create more than 50 feet of tunnels with multiple exits. A groundhog den can house anywhere from 1 to 8 groundhogs, depending on the time of year. Mid-Spring is when groundhogs give birth. The offspring will stay with the mother for about 6 weeks before leaving to make their own dens and tunnels.

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