As we approach the colder months of the year, geese will begin their migration south. Unfortunately, this may mean that flocks of geese will occupy your property for some time. Geese can stay in an area for a few days or weeks between flights. Even worse, some flocks may not travel much further south than NYC, meaning you may have to deal with them for the season. This article will discuss the issues surrounding a goose flock invading your property, and how you can discourage them from sticking around.

Goose Noise Pollution

Geese are known for loudly honking. Quite often, they can be an absolute nuisance because of it. Geese tend to honk to communicate with their flock and to signal to each other. Generally, geese can be territorial and honk at people and animals that get too close. However, some flocks are very accustomed to humans and may honk because they think you will give them food.

Do Not Feed the Geese

Some people will give bread or seeds to goose flocks. Do not feed any wild animals. Bread is never good for birds. But, feeding wild animals encourages them to return for more food. Additionally, it may affect their ability to hunt or gather food for themselves in the long term. Furthermore, geese can become aggressive if you stop feeding them.

Goose Attacks

Geese are incredibly protective of their flock. Male geese can get violent if they feel threatened. If you notice a goose become aggressive toward you, you should back away slowly. Do not turn your back on it. Stay calm, and don’t yell, because it can be seen as a sign of aggression.

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