When families notice that they have a wild animal problem, some deice to try to handle it themselves. Generally, this is a terrible idea. Injury to yourself or the animal, contamination, and even fines, can result. And in many cases of DIY Removal, the animal still sticks around afterward. This article will discuss why you shouldn’t try this at home.

DIY Removal and Animal Safety

Generally, DIY removal plans end with the animal getting hurt. An injured or threatened animal is likely to strike back to defend itself. Additionally, traps you build yourself or buy may not be humane. Sometimes, homeowners can receive a fine for animal abuse when inhumanely removing the animal.

DIY Removal and Your Safety

A cornered animal can be dangerous. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can put yourself in harm’s way, even after catching the animal. By trying to remove the animal yourself, you may be subject to bites and scratches. Even in a cage, a wild animal can do serious damage if you don’t handle it properly. Wild animals may carry a variety of diseases and parasites, like rabies. Generally, these can pass to humans through bites, scratches, waste material, and other forms of contact.


Licensed wildlife removal specialists know where to safely relocate animals without risking their ability to fend for themselves. If you attempt to relocate a pest animal, you will likely limit its ability to survive in the wild.

Repairs and Clean Up

Most humane wildlife removal companies will also handle cleaning and repairs. Thorough disinfection of contaminated surfaces is needed to reduce the spread of disease or parasites. Additionally, repairs help prevent further infestations. Humane wildlife removal specialists have experience in identifying areas where repairs are necessary.

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