The garage is usually a place to store bikes, tools, and lawn care equipment. But for raccoons, squirrels, and more, a garage can be a spacious and weatherproof den. This article will explore the ways pest animals can enter your garage, and what precautions you can take to limit critters from hiding away inside.

Close the Garage Door

It is a common practice to leave the garage door open when outside your home. However, this can leave it available for raccoons and other animals to move right in. If possible, only open the garage when necessary, and close it right after. Reducing the time you leave the garage door open can limit the chance of a pest animal from entering your home. Additionally, limiting this exposure can reduce the risk of theft.

Keeping your Garage Clean

When the garage is free of clutter, there are fewer places for critters to hide. With less hiding places, pests are less likely to move in. Reducing clutter can also help you identify signs of pest invasion earlier.

Removing Food and Water

Some homeowners may store bulk food and water in their garage. A steady supply of food and water can make your garage a very habitable place for raccoons and other wild animals. Easy access to food means that they do not have to travel far for a meal, which makes your garage an attractive piece of real estate. Removing food stores from the garage, or limiting the amount of food stored there can reduce this risk. Additionally, putting bulk food items into animal-proof containers can reduce the risk of attracting animals from the smell of the food.

If you have a wild animal living in your garage, contact a humane wildlife removal specialist to get rid of the animal. We provide removal services in addition to restoration, cleanup, and repair of affected areas.

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