Pigeons are a mainstay of any urban city, however, their dangers are unknown to many. Pigeons carry many diseases such as the H5N2 strain of the bird flu, or the H7N9 strain which can cause very serious illness in humans. In fact, there have been over 600 confirmed deaths from the bird flu alone, and that’s just one disease that these flying rats may carry.

Another concern is for the owners of businesses in areas with a high count of pigeons. Let’s set a scene and say you’re walking down a major street after leaving your apartment in New York City. You’re on your way to pick up groceries and come across an organic food store; however just as you’re about to walk in you see that their store sign is covered in pigeon feces! Anybody in their right mind would turn around and find a new place to shop after seeing how unsanitary this place may seem.

What do pests like pigeons search for in a nesting or landing place? The most common places for a pigeon to reside are rooftops and ledges, holes in roofs or walls, or rooftops, warehouses etc. Many people worry about these pesky birds damaging such property or the areas around it. Pigeons thrive in areas that have high rooftops, water irrigation such as gutters, and leftover food waste left behind by humans in public garbage cans. In other words, an urban town or city is the perfect home for these disgusting animals. The professional removal of these animals is recommended over any “do it yourself” tactics in order to ensure a safe, healthy, and humane course of action.

These flying rats are the cause of serious health problems, they hurt the pockets of business owners, and they inconvenience the everyday lives of regular people like you.

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