Skunks are nuisances, and so are their horrendous stench. The first thing you’ll be wondering after getting sprayed is how to remove the awful smell. We have all heard the old remedy of bathing in tomato juice, but this has been scientifically proven to not neutralize the order, but instead, your nose is full of the strong scent of the tomato juice.

A remedy found by Myth busters that were proven to work is s a quart of fresh three percent hydrogen peroxide, a ¼ cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of liquid soap, such as Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. The soap is able to break down the oily nature of the skunk liquid, and the peroxide and baking soda form the musk into an odorless acid. Soak clothes in a mixture of 10% Clorox Bleach, 90% water, and then wash in a heavy-duty detergent.

You can eliminate the skunk smell in just minutes if you act quickly, but call us to remove the skunks! 

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