mouse with cheese in trapMice have been associated with cheese for a very long time. This is because mice just love cheese, right? It is hard to imagine an episode of Tom and Jerry without a piece of cheese in a mousetrap. But, a mouse’s attraction towards cheese is actually a myth. While mice will eat cheese if there aren’t other options, they actually prefer fruits and nuts more. So where do we get this idea from?

Medieval Mice

The myth of mice loving cheese stems from the middle ages. While other foods were stored properly, cheese was often left out to age. This gave mice plenty of opportunities to score a meal. Thus, people assumed that mice were going after the cheese specifically. In reality, it was just the easiest option. Mice will actually choose grains, nuts, or fruits before cheese. Ultimately, mice just like free food.

Proper Food Storage

Any food in your home, from cheese to grains, should be properly stored. While the people of the middle ages didn’t have refrigerators to store their foods, they still had ways to keep mice (partially) out of their food. Consider investing in sturdy, sealable containers for common pantry items, such as cereal. Reusable plastic or glass containers that properly seal will keep your pantry items fresher for longer; while helping prevent pest animals from scoring a meal.

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