Spring is right around the corner. With warmer weather and longer days ahead, hibernating animals are awakening; and birds are flying back home. As the breeding season begins, how can you protect your home animal invasion?

Hibernation Season is Over

Animals like squirrels and groundhogs are coming out of their winter slumber. These animals are going to be active, and looking for food. Budding garden plants are often one of the first targets for groundhogs. This burst of active animals waking from their hibernation can become a hassle for your yard.

Breeding Season

Most animals in our region breed in the spring, and will look for shelter that can accommodate the new litter. Often, the best form of this shelter is man-made structures. Attics, crawlspaces, and sheds are often ideal locations for animals to find shelter.

Returning Birds

Birds are returning from their southern migration. As they do, new nests may be built, and in new locations. Chimneys, gutters, sheds, attics and trees in your yard may be a new nesting spot for returning birds.

Yard Cleanup

Spring yard work helps cut down on potential hideouts for wild animals. Trimming bushes, removing debris, and maintaining your garden are important for reducing the chance that animals will move in. Clean out gutters of debris that can weigh them down. Heavy gutters can create cracks in the eaves where animals can access the inside of your home. Chimneys and vents are also potential hideouts for critters.

Spring Repairs

Winter weather can cause damage to your home, which can create openings for animal invaders. Damage to the roof, gutters, siding, and more are opportunities for animals to break into your home. If you notice damage to the exterior of your home, hire a professional and licensed service to repair damages.

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