We all know to stay away from skunks to avoid being sprayed, and to avoid raccoons because of rabies, but what about beavers? Although they are usually timid and shy creatures, they can be fairly territorial. Beavers, while seemingly cute, can be a danger to children or pets if threatened.

wet beaver in wooded areaBeaver Territory

Beavers live near river beds and streams, and are well-known for building their dams. Beavers are important for maintaining the environment by controlling the flow of streams to create wetlands. These dams are built as a defense to predators, such as wolves. Beavers tend to protect the area surrounding their dam, and will mark their territories with their urine, like many mammals. They will actually build mounds to mark with their scent out of mud, sticks, and debris. They can get aggressive if they detect an unfamiliar scent in their territory, such as a dog’s urine.

Beavers Bite

Beavers that become aggressive will generally slap their tails to try to scare off potential threats. If that does not scare it off, they may bite. Beavers are rodents with powerful teeth that can allow them to gnaw through trees. Their bite can be painful, and they are known to carry rabies.

Protecting Pets

Pets should not roam unsupervised. Keep animals on leashes when outdoors. Make sure that your pet’s rabies shots are up to date. If your pet is bitten by a beaver, move them away from the animal. Clean the wound with soap and warm water and take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible, to be treated for rabies.

Children and Beaver Bites

Children are more likely to be bitten by a wild animal than adults. Children should be supervised when outdoors. If your child is bitten by a beaver, wash the wound with soap and warm water, and visit a hospital or clinic to be treated for rabies.

Humane Beaver Removal

Beavers, although they can be dangerous, are important to the ecosystem. If you have a beaver living on your property, call New York/New Jersey Wildlife Removal, Inc. to remove and relocate your problem animal.

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