When an animal invades your home, it can cause damage, spread disease, and even create fire hazards. But how do critters enter your house? This article will explore a few of the ways animals like raccoons and squirrels can get inside your home.

Cracks and Damage

Cracks, holes, and other breaks in your home’s exterior can provide an animal with a perfect entryway into your home smaller animals, such as rats and mice can squeeze through dime-sized cracks, and can gnaw them open even wider. Damage to the siding, foundation, or eaves can be let the critters walk right in.


Old roofing can expose openings for animals. A few lose shingles and some scratching, and a raccoon has a new home in your attic. Even small openings can be further opened by animals. A professional should inspect your roof, if you suspect that it might be damaged.


Chimneys can be a lovely addition to the home, but they can also be a great place for animals to live. Many animals that live in the New York/New Jersey area can climb brick or stone and live in the chimney. Birds also commonly make nests on the edge of chimneys. Keep the flue closed when the chimney is not in use; to prevent pest animals from entering the rest of your home. The summer months are a good time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected, as you probably aren’t using it. Chimney caps or screens can help reduce the risk of animal invaders.

Overhanging Trees

Tree branches that are close to your home, or those that hang over it, can become a walkway for many animals. Hanging branches can also be a source of damage in extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes. Snakes may not be able to climb some sidings, but they can use a tree branch to gain access to your roof. Hire a tree-trimming company to trim problem branches.

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