Spring is here, and as the weather warms up, birds will keep returning from the south. Many of these birds will be ready to lay eggs, but first, they need a nest. Generally, birds try to return to their previous nest, or the surrounding area when possible. When birds need to find a new place to roost, they might choose your home. Below, we will discuss common places for bird nests on your property.

Bird Nests in Trees On Your Property

Generally, most birds like to create their nests high up, away from potential predators. Trees are often a source of nesting materials and can provide different levels for nests. Generally, it is best to leave birds nesting in trees alone, as it is a natural spot for them. However, if you are planning on creating a treehouse, cutting down the tree, or otherwise causing displacement, you may want to call a wildlife removal specialist to remove them safely.

Nesting in the Gutters

Birds often like to build nests in gutters, which can spell disaster for your drainage. Gutters provide a good view of the surrounding area while allowing for protective depth. Unfortunately, these nests can negatively impact your gutter’s efficiency. If a bird builds a nest in your gutters, you should contact a wildlife removal specialist to remove it safely. You can also reduce debris buildup in your gutter by installing a mesh cover.

Bird Nests Blocking the Chimney

Some birds may build their nest in or on top of the chimney. While you aren’t likely to use your chimney anytime soon, nests can cause blockages that can create smoke and hazards in the home. If there is a nest in your chimney, you should contact a wildlife removal specialist to remove it safely. You can reduce the risk of this by installing or repairing your chimney cap.

Bird Nests in the HVAC System

Birds may try to use external vents or intake vents as a good place to nest. This can cause major problems for your home’s ventilation. Sometimes, these birds can wander deeper into the ventilation system, and even get trapped in there. If you have a bird in your vents, contact a wildlife removal specialist immediately.

Birds in the Shed

Birds may take refuge in or on top of your shed or other backyard storage. Inside the shed, they can be protected from the elements but can cause more harm to your property. Generally, you should ensure that your shed is closed off and weatherproof, to prevent animals from getting in. Secure the doors and windows of your shed to prevent animals from getting in as easily.

Why Humane Removal Is Important With Bird Nests

When dealing with nesting birds, humane removal is vital because of developing eggs or young chicks. Safely relocating bird nests helps ensure that the young birds safely develop. Also, for some species, it is illegal to remove or relocate active bird nests from certain species. This includes nests in your own backyard. Nests may also be home to mites, bacteria, and other parasites. Because of this, it is best left to the professionals.
NY/NJ Wildlife Removal Inc.’s specialists are licensed removal experts who can safely remove and sanitize areas affected by bird nests. Our team can identify the nest, and check to see that we can legally move it.

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