Best known for their ability to “fly,” flying squirrels hold about 50 different species that are most commonly found in North America. These animals usually reach approximately 12 inches in length and weigh between 4-6.5 ounces. Although the name “flying squirrels” might sound convincing, these squirrels don’t actually fly. They glide through the air using their arms and tail for stability.

Flying squirrels typically live in large trees. But, as large trees are constantly being torn down, these squirrels will look for houses to nest in. They usually go for attics, wall interiors, and ceiling spaces. Unlike regular squirrels, flying squirrels are not territorial and don’t mind sharing spaces with other squirrels. This could quickly result in an infestation.

Flying squirrels don’t force their way in by chewing as regular squirrels do. They wait until they find an opportunity, which includes missing screens, a chimney gap, loose sliding, or missing/loose pieces of soffit.

If not handled properly and professionally, flying squirrels can be a huge disturbance. Leave it to the professionals! 

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