Pest control for rodents like mice and rats can be incredibly important to the health and safety of your family, as well as the structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners take it upon themselves to attempt to remove the colony themselves. This can not only be dangerous but there is also the risk of an incomplete job. This article will explore why you should hire a professional wildlife removal specialist to handle your rat infestation.

Whole House Inspections

Rats and mice can get to every corner of your house. A proper wildlife removal specialist will take the time to investigate and ensure that the rodent colony is fully identified and removed from the house and surrounding property.

Experienced & Humane Rat Removal

The removal of a rat colony is something that requires experience to do safely. Removal specialists know where to set traps to catch rats without creating issues for family pets or young children. Furthermore, it is unsafe to handle captured rats without the proper training and protective gear.
Humane methods may not seem necessary when it comes to rats, but there is an important reason for it. Rat poisons and other harmful traps can pose health risks to members of the household, including pets. Additionally, these methods may not outright kill the rat. Rats have been known to survive rat poison long enough to crawl up and die within the walls of a home. Then, you have a rat problem and a dead rat problem. Humane removal methods eliminate this issue.

Rat Exclusion and Repair

Wildlife removal specialists do more than just clear out rats. We also know how to prevent them from coming back. A professional pest removal service will include exclusion services that will help prevent other animals from moving in. This will also include repairing any interior or exterior damage that can be exploited by other pest animals.


In addition to repairing the damages, a professional humane wildlife removal specialist will help you reduce the risk of a recurring rat problem by identifying factors that could attract another colony. Our wildlife removal specialists can help you locate areas of your home and surrounding property that can be repaired, replaced, or cleaned up to make your home less attractive to rodents. By making these improvements, you can rest easy knowing that the risk of another pest problem is much lower than if you tried doing it alone.

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