As of the past few years, wild turkey populations in New York and New Jersey have been on the rise, especially in suburban areas. This influx of large birds has caused traffic delays, home damage, car accidents, and a host of other issues. Wild turkeys are known to carry a large variety of different diseases. Turkeys today seem unfazed by busy streets or bustling sidewalks. Turkeys in suburban areas often get on top of cars to perch or build nests on lawns or in sheds. Unlike fat, domesticated turkeys, wild turkeys are often more aggressive and fly in short bursts at speeds of up to 55 mph. They can be very territorial, especially when there are eggs in its nest. In the year 1900, there were about 3,000 wild turkeys in all of the continental United States, down from 10 million in the year 1500. Today there are over 7 million wild turkeys in all of the US, with populations in every state except Alaska. The combined resurgence of wild turkeys with the urbanization of America has caused the turkeys to move into human-populated areas, and cause traffic issues and damage to homes and buildings

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