Many critters use our trash cans as a food source. But, identifying the type(s) of animals dining from your garbage can be important in figuring out how to prevent further messes. This article will explore key identifying factors that can help you identify the animals using your trash for take-out.

Knocked-Over Trash

Generally, raccoons and skunks are the primary culprits of knocked-over cans. Animals like opossums don’t usually have the ability to kick them down. Opossums will generally have to wait for other animals to push them over before scrounging what’s left.

Climbing In

Some animals can climb into open trash cans or open dumpsters. This is why sturdy lids are important. With the help of a nearby fence, most critters can make their way into a garbage can. Opossums, rats, mice, and squirrels are known to climb in and chow down. However, opossums can occasionally have problems climbing out of cans they jump into. This is especially true if the can isn’t full.

Slashed up Trash Cans

While virtually any animal mentioned above can claw or bite its way through a trash bag, many of them won’t outright destroy the can itself. Raccoons and skunks can claw their way through weaker trash cans if they can’t knock them over. Bears can maul through all but the strongest of metal cans. If desperate, rodents can chew a hole through weaker cans. Animals will usually follow the path of least resistance, so if they can jump in or knock the can over, they are unlikely to destroy your garbage bin.

Protecting your Garbage Cans

If you have a problem with animals in your trash, consider upgrading your garbage bins. Purchase sturdy, animal-proof trash cans with locking lids. These will help prevent your neighborhood pests from using your alley as a buffet. Additionally, consider using ropes or bungee cords to keep your trash cans secured to a fence or the side of your house. This can prevent animals from knocking them over. Lastly, consider ways to reduce your waste output. Animals will usually flock to where there is plenty of available food. Reducing your waste output can help keep animals out of your trash.

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