Living in New York or New Jersey, sparrows and pigeons are commonly seen. These birds can live in any town or area in either state, as well as many other areas in the country. Both can even live in or around your home. While having birds living near your home is not always a terrible thing, unwelcome birds in your home can be a problem.

Sparrow Bird

Sparrows are the most common bird species in the world. They are usually brown or black, with a pale underbelly and are very small, with short beaks, legs, and tails. They hop around when moving on the ground, and use their beaks to rip up lawns and dirt in search of food. Thier main diet consists of seeds and insects. Sparrows tend to move in small flocks. Sparrows mate between February and May, laying 1-8 eggs. Incubation lasts roughly 2 weeks. Signs of sparrows nesting are droppings, chirping, seeing the actual nest, and torn up grass on your lawn. Sparrows dig little holes in lawns in search of seeds and bugs. Sparrows tend to live in areas that are greatly inhabited by humans. They are more commonly found in suburban or urban areas than in the woods.

Hungry Pigeons On Park Alley

Pigeons have  blue-gray feathers with green, yellow, red, or purple markings on their neck and wing feathers. The beak of a pigeon will range from gray to pink in color. Two darker bands are usually on the wings and there is a single dark band on the tail. Pigeons walk around the ground, bobbing their heads. They tend to live in large flocks, and will eat almost anything of the streets, especially seeds, popcorn, bread, etc. Pigeons mate for life. Both parents incubate the eggs, which range in quantity. The large flocks can produce a large amount of droppings. Pigeon droppings  can corrode different materials on a house. They make an annoying cooing noise, rather than a chirp. Most pigeons build nests on ledges, rather than in trees. They are also carriers of many diseases. Pigeons are considered the number one pest for urban residents.

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