It may be Halloween, but that scratching noise you’re hearing may be a real monster that goes bump in the night. Or, at least, it may be an unwanted animal intruder. Pest animals like rats, squirrels, mice, bats, raccoons and more can make a lot of noise when making themselves at home in your house. These animals can hide out in your walls or attic, and are often found from the noise they make. So how do you tell what noise is just the house, and which are critters?

Animal Noises or House Noises

Your house can make a lot of noise on it’s own. It is important to figure out what noises are just the house, before you can really know if there are any animals in your walls. If the noise is consistent, it could be anything from a loose pipe to a dislodged piece of siding. If the noise is inconsistent, or you are unable to determine that it is a general house noise, you may want to consult a wildlife removal company. Animals can be erratic, so their noises can be heard at odd hours. Random, inconsistent scratches, chitters, and squeaks are telltale signs of animal intruders.


Raccoons tend to scratch and thump about. They move much slower than many smaller animals. They also make chittering noises, that can often be heard from other parts of the house.


Rodents can move around fast, and they are much lighter than raccoons or other animals. You may not hear them moving around, but you may hear squeaks or scratches. Squirrels are much more rigid in their schedule, so if sounds are regularly heard at certain times, there may be squirrels living in your home.


Bats can make squeaking noises, similar to a rodent. As bats hang from the ceiling, it can be difficult for you to hear them from lower floors. Mostly, you will likely see signs of bats, rather than hearing them.

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