Safety is the most important aspect of our jobs as wildlife removal specialists. We want to ensure the safety of our clients, their families, our team, and the wild animals. As a humane removal company, we are dedicated to preserving the safety of all those involved. Because of this, we take precautions to help ensure the safety of everyone involved, including the animals we catch. This article will discuss the safety precautions we take as professional and humane wildlife removal specialists.

Safety Training for Animal Removal

Each of our wildlife removal specialists is licensed to perform safe removal methods that help reduce the risk of injury to both humans and animals. Our team knows the best practices for safe and secure wildlife capture, removal, and relocation.

Safety Equipment used During Removal

Our wildlife removal specialists use humane traps and exclusion devices to remove the wild animals from your property without risking harm to them. Our traps also help prevent caught animals from lashing out at our trappers. However, our specialists wear durable clothing and gloves to protect themselves from animal bites and scratches. In the event that they are injured, our team stays up to date on important vaccinations and boosters for animal diseases in our area.

Safe Practices Don’t Stop At Removal

Once an animal is removed, the job doesn’t end there. Wild animals can cause significant damage to your property. They can also leave behind waste material, parasites, and bacteria. Proper cleanup, repair, and restoration are vital to the safety of your family. Our team handles the disinfecting and cleaning of areas affected by the animals and repairs damages to help prevent further animal invasion.

Animal Safety and Relocation

Relocating animals is an important part of our job. Relocation practices have to be executed well to ensure the safety and longevity of the animals. If we relocate an animal far from an area it knows, it may not be able to survive. For most animals, acclimating to an area miles away from their home turf can be impossible. We follow state and federal guidelines for the safe relocation of wild animals.

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