Pet rabbits may be cute, but a rabbit in your yard can be a real nuisance. Rabbits can wreak havoc on your garden and other yard plants. This article will discuss the potential damage that a rabbit invasion can cause to your garden and other plants on your property.

What do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits are herbivores and can eat a wide variety of vegetation. While they prefer garden plants, they will not shy away from eating grass, flowers, shrub leaves, ornamental plants, bulbs, and even tree bark. While they won’t dig far for food, they may eat some roots and root vegetables.

Rabbit Munching Can Cause Damage

Other than the obvious loss of your garden veggies, rabbits can create a lot of problems for trees and woody shrubs. Rabbits may eat away at parts of the plants and expose inner layers. These inner layers can cause cold vulnerabilities that cause the plants to die during the Fall and Winter.

Choosing Food

Because rabbits are always on the lookout for predators, they will usually try to snag food that is easily accessible. Otherwise, they may try to snack on low branches of shrubs while hiding under them.

Defending Your Garden

The easiest way to protect your garden is to install chicken wire fences. Tight mesh chicken wire will likely keep most rabbits out. Be sure to install it into the ground to prevent them from digging away under it. Alternatively, you can try growing plants in your garden that naturally deter rabbits; such as basil, garlic, peppers, mint, and rhubarb.
Visual deterrents, such as an owl statue, may help. However, many gardeners have said that visual deterrents have mixed results.

Call a Wildlife Removal Specialist

If you have rabbits tearing through your garden or munching on your shrubs, consider calling a humane wildlife removal specialist. Our team can remove your rabbit problem safely and efficiently, without harming the critters.

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