All over New Jersey, our team helps keep pests out of your home. In the past few months, we’ve put plenty of pests from homes and even a church in different regions all over New Jersey. We cleared out dozens of invading critters in order to keep you and your family safe.

In Summit, NJ our team removed a flock of birds living in a church tower. The tower and surrounding parts of the building were deodorized, sanitized, and disinfected after removing the bird. Complete repairs were made to all of the openings so that the birds could not get inside again.

In Bergenfield, NJ we trapped and removed a group, or gaze, of raccoons from under a deck and secured the area around it. No other animals can burrow underneath the newly refortified deck.

In Chatham, NJ we captured red foxes that were lurking around a home. They also got stuck in window wells and could not get out. Our company removed all animals, dead and alive. We installed a preventive measure so that the entire property was protected from future fox invasions.

In Red Bank, NJ we were called to remove a group of squirrels that made their way into a homeowners attic. We had to evict 10 squirrels from the house and repaired the entire soffit and fascia board which was completely damaged because of the squirrels.

In Colts Neck, NJ we were called in to remove 3 raccoons from the attic of a home. We trapped all of the raccoons and removed the feces. The attic was deodorized  and smell of the urine was cleaned away. All of the holes the raccoons made were repaired.

In Piscataway, NJ we were called in to remove bats that were living in an attic. The bats were there for a long time and we found copious amounts of guano. We removed the bats from the home. All the guano from the attic, which is considered hazardous waste, was removed. The attic was thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected to ensure that there were no more health hazards from the bat infestation. We sealed approximately 25 cracks and breaches in the building that the bats were using to enter the premise.

In Clark, NJ we were called to remove a snake from inside a homeowners basement. We found the snake den and removed the one the client had known about, but we discovered a multitude of snakes that were nesting in their walls. We were able to open up the wall and remove the snake den. The walls were sanitized and then fixed to make it look like it there was never a problem.

We specialize in the humane removal of raccoons, rats, squirrels, and other pests in the New York/New Jersey area. For a complete inspection and evaluation please contact us or call us at 718-227-7227 and we will be happy to make an appointment at your convenience.