raccoon by dumpsterRaccoons are quite the strange little creature. The little bandits are known for their ability to knock over trash cans and eat just about anything. But they have a lot of unique quirks that many people don’t know about. Here are a few strange facts about raccoons.

Where Does the Name “Raccoon” Come From?

The word “raccoon” comes from Native Americans of the Powhatan tribe’s word for the critter. The Powhatan word aroughcun, which means “animal that scratches with its hands.”

They Love Corn

Raccoons are often an issue for corn farmers, and scarecrows probably won’t help. Even gardeners who plant a bit of corn in their yard may have issues with raccoons going after the crops. From barbeque day corn on the cob to your vegetable garden, no kernel is safe from raccoons.

Raccoons Wash Food

Raccoons are pretty famous for eating whatever is in your trash bin, as well as anything else they can get their tiny paws on. But, raccoons tend to “wash” their food when a water source is present. They also tend to wash their hands. For a species that has no problem eating roadkill, at least they have some manners. They will even hide and store food underwater.

Strong Swimmers

With their affinity for working with water, it makes sense that raccoons would be skillful swimmers, too. Raccoons can be found swimming in lakes, rivers, and even pools. They like to hunt fish and are known to snatch koi from backyard ponds.

Capable Climbers

Raccoons have an innate ability to climb. While they aren’t as adept as squirrels, they can certainly climb well enough to wreak havoc for many homeowners. They will climb trees, fences, dumpsters, and more to get their next meal. Raccoons often access attic spaces by jumping from tree branches to the roof.


If you believe that a wild animal may be in your home, contact a local wildlife removal company. Do not try to remove the animal yourself.

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