Mole can rip holes through your lawn or garden. Mole hills not only damage your lawn, but can become a serious hazard. The holes dug by moles can injure someone’s foot or ankle. This could spell disaster in the form of hospital bills or a lawsuit. Moles are the primary cause of lawn and garden damage in the eastern US.

Moles have short grey fur and grow to be about 18 cm in length. Their tails are short and hairless.  Moles dig holes that are not too deep underground, less than a foot below. Mounds and ridges on the surface of the ground can help reveal where the tunnels are. Moles dig very fast for their size, and can tunnel through about 6 meters of dirt per hour. The average mole tunnel complex can support up to about 12 moles living inside. Moles will eat worms, bugs, and seeds within the ground, but will generally not eat plant roots or bulbs.

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