A Boy Scout Leader in Rockaway, NJ in late December, only a day after the yearly New Jersey bear hunt ended. The fifty year old leader had been regularly exploring that same cave since the 1980’s and had never encountered a bear in there before. The hunt may have moved that bear into the cave. While the expected quota for bear kills during the hunt was 800, hunters in the extended hunt barely reached 500. The man, while exploring the cave, ran into the bear and thankfully survived after being bitten on the legs, shoulders, and scalp. 
New Jersey has been steadily losing forested areas to development projects and new communities. This change causes animals to do one of two things: move into other nearby areas that have not been cleared, or survive in the communities. While bears are less likely to take the second option; raccoons, squirrels, birds, mice, and other animals can very easily adapt to such a change. While more land is cleared and developed, animals are adapting to the new terrain. Raccoons, squirrels, and other animals damage lawns or break into homes. 
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