Garden ponds are a beautiful way to add life to your backyard. A nice little fish pond with koi and goldfish swimming about, and the sound of a fountain trickling down is great for your outdoor space. But the one problem is that a pond can invite unwanted critters to your backyard; some of which may prey on your fish.
Raccoons are expert swimmers and love fish. They are known to swipe at fish from the edge, or enter the water to get them. Other animals, like snakes or birds, may also hunt your fish. It you notice that you are losing fish, you should consider taking some precautions to defend your pond. A common practice is to utilize a dome-like screen that comes high enough above the water to leave room for the fountain sprays. Clearing brush or shrubs directly next to the pond will reduce the number of hiding spaces a potential predator will have when hunting your fish.
Non-predatory animals may come to your pond without a screen cover. Pests like squirrels, woodchucks, and rabbits may come to drink from the water. This can be a problem, as wild animals might move to live closer to a steady source of water.

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