With the warm weather finally making its debut, gardening season is upon us. After spending weeks perfecting your garden, animals tearing it up is less than welcomed. Especially after spending the whole winter looking forward to tomatoes, cucumbers, and other crops, the last thing you need is pests disturbing your garden.

Skunks have a tendency to dig up gardens and eat fruit or foliage. You will probably be able to tell if a skunk visits your yard by the strong odor that they leave behind. Rabbits will also most likely feed on the foliage in your yard during the day, raccoons will leave it a mess at night. Other animals to watch out for are deer, groundhogs, and even foxes.

In an attempt to deter these critters away from your yard, try odor repellents. Taste repellents could be sprayed on plants and will cause a bad taste on the plants. It’s important to note that these repellents will only upset their stomachs, and are not designed to actually hurt the animals.

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