Between gift wrap and food waste, the holidays can significantly strain your garbage cans. Couple that with holidays that might affect your garbage pickup days, and you may have a pileup on the side of your home. While many critters hunker down for the winter, some may still come out for a free meal. Below, we will discuss some holiday tips to keep pests out of your trash.

Sturdy, Secure Garbage Bins

Your garbage bins should be sturdy and feature an animal-proof locking mechanism. If you do not have time to buy new cans before your holiday party, there are a few ways to make it a little harder for pest critters. First, tie cans together, or to the fence. This can prevent critters from knocking them over. Be sure to secure the lids to the cans. Use rope if needed. While some people secure their bins with bungee cords, these can become stiff or brittle in the Winter weather. This can cause damage or injury if the weather damages the cords.

Recycle Holiday Wrapping Paper and Boxes

Keep paper garbage in a separate container from regular trash. Gift wrap is generally recyclable. Cardboard boxes should also be recycled. If you put the gift wrap in the trash bin, the raccoons and other scavengers can make even more of a mess getting to the food.

Double Bag Pungent Garbage

If your food trash is significantly pungent, such as seafood scraps, double bag it. The added layer can help limit the smell and reduce critter activity.

Rinse Recyclable Materials

Rinsing cans, serving tins, and other recyclable materials to remove food waste are proper for recycling. It also reduces the risk of wild animals rooting through your recycling.

Holiday Pickup Days

Find out if your garbage collection days are affected by the holidays. If you live in NYC, you can call 311 or visit their website. For other areas, check local township ordinance information.

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