Groundhog    Groundhogs, the largest known rodent in North America, can destroy property in very little time. They tear up gardens and eat most of the plants grown in them. Groundhogs dig tunnels and burrows in lawns and dirt and are known to move over 700 pounds of dirt just for the den alone. Groundhog digging can also damage the foundation of a shed or home if they dig close enough. The ground over groundhog tunnels can be weak and can cause humans to harm with ankle or leg injuries. Animals and children who don’t pay attention to the ground can get seriously hurt falling into tunnel entrances and stepping over tunnels. Groundhogs can climb very well and are known to go up trees to scout the areas that they are in. Groundhogs can also swim when needed. While they don’t generally carry any diseases that they can transfer to humans, they commonly house worms, fleas, and ticks that can move to humans or pets. Groundhogs breed in the early spring, to which 2-9 groundhogs are birthed by each female. By the middle of the summer, those offspring will make their own dens and tunnel network, not too far from their birthplace.

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