GopherGophers can be a huge problem for homeowners, especially for gardeners. A small mammal, the gopher can easily dig through dirt and create caves and tunnels underground. A gopher is about 15-35 cm long, with fur colors ranging from blacks and browns to white. They are generally solitary creatures and are most active during the spring and fall. Gophers eat a combination of seeds, bulbs, crops, roots, grasses, and other plants. Their eating habits can ruin a garden. Gophers breed 1-4 times a year, and litters consist of 3-4 offspring.

Gopher holes are usually several inches to a few feet deep but can span a few hundred feet in length. The openings to the holes have a horseshoe shape mound of dirt around them. Aside from leaving holes in the ground, a gopher can leave underground paths that can damage plants, sheds, and the foundation of a home. Heavy rain can cause the paths to fill up, bringing water to damage the areas even more. These holes can pool water on the side of your home, damaging the walls of your basement and the foundation itself.

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