Fall is almost here. And as we get ready for the cool weather and the changing of the leaves, many animals are looking for a new place to outlast the winter. For many pest animals, there is no better place to hunker down, than in your attic or crawl space. From squirrels to raccoons, there are few places more appealing to outlast winter than a heated home. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home for the winter, and reduce the risk of pest intrusion.


Sheds and outdoor storage containers are often a good hideout for a raccoon or skunk. Make sure that any damage to the foundation below the shed is repaired. Lock the doors, and check to see if there are any cracks or holes that a small animal can get through. Repairing damages can help reduce the risk of a critter using your tool shed as a winter home.

Garbage Cans

Garbage cans offer pests an oasis of food in the barren winter wilderness. For those animals that do not hibernate, unprotected garbage can be a source of food year round. Investing in sturdy, raccoon-proof garbage cans will help reduce the number of animals that choose to come by your home. They will often move towards other, less protected food sources.

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters can fill up with leaves and all sorts of debris over the year. When the gutters get too full of junk, they can weigh down on the eaves of your home. This can cause cracks that squirrels or mice can slip through, to get into your attic. Snow and autumn leaves can add onto this, which is why they should be cleared out at the beginning and end of fall.

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