If you find a wild dead animal on your property, don’t touch it! The corpses of wild animals can harbor all sorts of dangerous pathogens and parasites. Not only that, but improper disposal of a dead critter can lead to fines or even animal abuse charges. Generally, it is best to call a professional for proper removal and disposal.

Where Animals Usually Die

Most animals do not die out in the open unless they die from a predator. When an animal is injured or sick, it will usually try to hide somewhere. Because of this, it is more common to find dead animals hidden under a bush, under a deck, in your shed, in your wall, or in your attic. They may look for somewhere that is not easily accessible by humans or potential predators. Because of this, an animal may be dead for a few days before you notice the body. Often the smell is the first indicator.

Dead Animal Hazards

A dead animal can still pose a threat to the health and safety of those around it. Be sure to keep children and pets away from an animal carcass. Most wild animals carry a wide assortment of diseases, bacteria, and parasites. If there is a dead animal on your property, calling a wildlife removal specialist to dispose of it can be a good way to safely get rid of it. Furthermore, the area where the carcass was should be properly sanitized.

Sanitizing Affected Areas

Depending on where the animal died, there may be different ways to properly sanitize the affected area. For example, different cleaners may be necessary if the animal was in your home or in your backyard. Proper sanitization is important for getting rid of lingering odors and removing pathogens. It is also vital for getting rid of scavenging bugs like flies that were attracted to the rotting carcass.

Dead Animal Removal

When you find a dead wild animal on your property, it is best to call a professional wildlife removal company to remove it safely. Not only will they properly dispose of the carcass, but they can test it for rabies. Rabies testing on dead animals is important to reduce human exposure and properly report cases to the proper authorities.

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