It may seem surprising, but there are predatory animals living within New York City. Many New Yorkers think that a deer populations and the occasional raccoon are the only things they have to worry about. But there are small populations of cootes living within the five boroughs. While more common in Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn (where there are more wooded/less urbanized areas) they have been reported in all of them.
NYC Coyotes are most often seen on golf courses or in wooded areas. While most will be naturally wary of humans, you can never be too careful with them. In most areas of the city, they will only hunt animals as big as rodents or birds. They will rarely go after deer, and are even less likely to attack people.
Coyotes are canines, and look similar to wolves or some dogs. They have flatter heads, longer legs, and a pointier snout than most domesticated dogs. They are not fully nocturnal, but are most active during dusk and night. Most coyote sightings in the city occur between October to March. From October to January, young coyotes mature and leave the care of their parents. They will seek out a place to make their den; and up until march, will start looking for a mate.
Avoid contact with coyotes, and follow these guidelines to help make sure that coyotes can safely coexist with humans. Do not leave food out for coyotes, and do not directly feed them either. It is important to not make them dependant on humans for their needs. Clean up your garbage at parks, and use garbage cans there. Keep your dogs on a leash at all times when at a park, and leave your cats indoors. If a coyote approaches you, make yourself seem bigger, and make noises to make them run away. This makes them wary of humans. Try to stay far away from coyotes, and do not approach them.
Most coyotes are not dangerous for people. If you spot an aggressive coyote, report it to the golf course staff or a park rangers. In case of a medical emergency from contact with a coyote, please call 911.

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