Pest birds living on your property can be a big problem. Bird feces is acidic and can corrode roofing, siding, and walkways. They are also known for blocking vents, chimneys, and other sources of ventilation with their nests. If you have a bird infestation, you’ll need professional exclusion services to get rid of them. You will also need to bird-proof your home to protect it from further pests moving in. Below, we will discuss some of the more common pest birds in our area.

Feral Pigeons, The Ultimate Pest Birds

In most urban and suburban areas of the US, the feral pigeon is the most common pest bird. These resilient birds often flock in large groups and are usually not afraid of humans. Pigeon droppings will also turn to dust as it dries out, which can enter the air vents of homes and create potential health issues.

House Sparrows, Small and Invasive

Sparrows are much smaller than pigeons. House Sparrows have brown and/or black feathers, with white bellies. These tiny birds can eat a wide assortment of seeds, bugs, and food scraps, allowing them to adapt to urban life. They can also be territorial to other birds. Sparrows are also a non-native species, introduced to America in the 1850s from Europe.

European Starlings, Loud and Numerous

European Starlings were first introduced to the NYC area in an attempt to diversify Central Park’s animal species. The birds thrived there and spread invasively to many other areas of the US. Many experts believe that all starlings in America descended from the 100 brought into Central Park. Starlings are medium-sized birds that are brown during their juvenile stages. With age, the feathers darken to a midnight hue, with small spots of brown. They stay in large flocks of up to thousands. Starlings make a wide assortment of calls, from whistles to harsh chitters. They are known for being noisy and raucous. They are also in NYC year-round.

Seagulls, Pest Birds of the Parking Lot

Seagulls are problematic pests in the New York/New Jersey area. Often seen circling over parking lots or harassing beach-goers, seagulls can eat just about anything they can fit in their mouth. For many commercial property owners, gulls can pose a big problem. They will often nest in signage, on roofs, or on top of light poles. There are a few different species of seagulls in our area. The most common include the herring gull, ring-billed gull, and laughing gull.

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