Chipmunks are the ground-dwelling cousin of the squirrel. Usually, they can be found scurrying around near trees and bushes, collecting nuts and seeds in their cheeks. Chipmunks can dig sprawling, complex burrows that can create major issues for homeowners. This article will explore how chipmunks build their burrows, and how to identify them.

Chipmunk Burrowing

Unlike other burrowing critters like moles, chipmunk burrow entrances can be quite small. The entrance holes may only be 2-3 inches wide, and usually do not have dirt piled up around the exits. This is because chipmunks will carry dirt in their cheeks and scatter it further away to camouflage their homes. They may create their exit holes near vegetation, rocks, under patios, and more to hide the holes further.

Home Base

Their sprawling cave system can stretch as far as a 30-foot area, and can vary in depth from the surface to about 3 feet deep. Chipmunks will create a number of rooms in their burrow, for a variety of purposes. They will usually have a room for nesting, several food storage chambers, and a deeper nesting room for the hibernation season. Many small tunnels will connect each of the rooms to each other. There will also be multiple escape tunnels that allow the chipmunks to flee if needed. Their burrow works as a home base, and they will rarely venture more than a third of a mile from it.

Chipmunk Burrow Damage

Chipmunk burrows can cause structural damage to your property, as well as damage to your garden. Chipmunks can burrow under and around paved walkways & driveways, sheds, decks, patios, and even the foundation of your home. This can create structural integrity issues that could cause severe damage down the line. Chipmunks can also ravage a garden for food, munching on seeds, flower bulbs, fruits, vegetables, and plants. They will also feed at unprotected bird feeders.

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