Springtime is almost upon us. The trees will regrow leaves, flowers blossom, and birds return from their Winter migration. While that may all sound good, flocks of birds looking for roosts and building nests can be a problem for homeowners as well as business owners.
Most birds in the New York/New Jersey area that migrate will want to create a nest high up. While trees are good roosts for birds, many like to take advantage of the high buildings in populated areas. Birds may build nests in HVAC systems, vents, gutters, chimneys, awnings, commercial signs, and attics. Holes in the roof or cracks in the eaves of a house can give birds access your attic. Bird nests in gutters can cause clogs and further damage to the house.
Birds can be a huge issue if they stick around too long. Soon they will be laying eggs and hatching offspring for the new year. Birds can be the cause of a lot of noise complaints. Bird feces can be corrosive and can cause a lot of damage to sidewalks, gutters, statues, roofing, and more. Depending on the breed, the birds that nest in your home or business can cause people to become ill due to diseases they may carry. Bird feces can be slippery and can cause Slip and Fall incidents, which could lead to severe injuries, and possible law suits.

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